Find the Monkey!

Find the Monkey!

I went to a birthday party for a 4 year old this weekend.  Whereas in some instances that could send me racing to lock myself in the bathroom and refuse to come out, this was a really great party for these kids.  It was 100% geared towards them and their age group.  It was at the local rec center.  The kids had a ball. 

Well, at one point they got out that giant parachute that kids love to play with. Well, I don’t think I am revealing anything shocking if I tell you that I am not the most mature mom in the world.  (What?!  Like you would be even half as entertained by me if I was mature.)

So, the kids start playing a game with the parachute and I got the giggles.  Badly.  The game is called (or at least I call it) Find the Monkey.  Here’s what happens:

You choose a kid to sit in the middle of the parachute (on top of it) while all of the kids are holding onto the outside of the parachute.  Then, you take a second child and tell him to crawl under the parachute.  When the leader says GO!, the child under the parachute starts to crawl around in order to avoid the kid sitting on top of the parachute from finding him.  All the while the rest of this group is frantically shaking the parachute with all of their God-given 4 year old might.  Frantically.  Complete chaos.  While everyone is shouting “Find the monkey!  Find the monkey!”

Now come on, that is some funny stuff.  In and of itself is enough to make someone giggle.  However, my twisted mind kicked into gear.  All I could picture is this boy in 12-15 years waking up in a pool of sweat having hallucinogenic type flashbacks of all of these bright, vivid colors flashing wildly around his face while disembodied voices are shouting Find the Monkey!  Find the Monkey!”

I lost it.

In the extended entry you will find a picture of it.  Yes, it is blurry.  That is totally not my fault.  I was laughing too hard to hold the camera phone still.



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