Go Play!

Go Play!

I am going on my 6th day of having a fever that won’t drop below 100.  For the love of all things Tylenol, it is past time for this to go away.  So how much longer before I have to drag my sorry ass to a doctor?  It really isn’t something I want to spend money on if I don’t have to.

At least I can just stay in bed all day and sleep it off.  Oh wait.  No I can’t.  I have KIDS.

Let me send you on a little journey around the blogosphere so that you don’t get bored.  Come back, though.

Busy Mom should have her head examined.  Oh, wait…she is.  Go take a peek into her therapy session.

Tired of blogs you’ve never heard of (or ones you are tired of hearing about) winning blogging awards you really don’t care about?  Well, all of that is about to change.  Read all about it over at Genuine’s blog.  Nominations start this Friday.

The Empress has a great optical illusion up at her fancy newly skinned blog. It make take a lot of concentration and focus to see it.  Try.  It will happen for you, too.

Anyone who has followed even part of Julie’s “madcap misadventures in infertility and pregnancy loss”, you will be thrilled to read about the birth of little Batman.  His dramatic entry into the world starts here.  You will want to follow the entire story.  Be sure to leave her a note of congratulations.

And finally, scoot on over to Catawumpus and share in the fun of The Carnival of the Rugrats.  It is a lot of fun.  Money back guarantee.

Now, dear internet, enjoy your tour of these few blogs while I head off to bed and try to break this fecking fever.  But really, come back.  I have abandonmnet issues, people.


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