Good morning afternoon evening

Good morning afternoon evening

It’s Saturday.  The day typically spent doing things around the house and the yard.  (Assuming it isn’t soccer season.  Then, the days are spent on soccer fields.  However, soccer season is over, so it is home day.) So anyway, here it is a free Saturday to get things done. 

Trust me things need to be done.

When we were planning on moving this summer, we packed a lot of boxes.  Mostly books, but other things as well. They are taking up half of our garage.  Today is the day to clean that up so that we can get into the attic to get to our Christmas decorations.  It was my job today.

I just got up.  As in out of bed.  From last night.

For those of you wondering what freaky time zone I am in, remember that I am in Texas.  Whereas we are a bit different in most ways, we still live in the Central Time Zone.  Which means that I just got up at 3:07pm.

Raise your hand if you think that this fecking cold has finally kicked my butt.

I’m getting tired.  I’ll be in bed if you need me.

Oh and if you want to come do my garage cleaning for me, feel free to do so.  It would really help a gal out.


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