Let it snow! Just don’t tell my son.

Let it snow! Just don’t tell my son.

It’s no mystery that we live north of Dallas.  The big D.  CowTown.  You get the picture.  So, it is not unheard of to get snow.  Rare.  But not unheard of.  Usually this happens around February or March.  I am talking about the kind of snow that you people up North will still play golf in.

However, here in the good ol’ South, we freak over it.  Wait.  That is more like FUH-reeeak over it.  Especially my son.  One flurry and he is racing around the house waving his arms about and frantically screaming “SNOW!  The SNOW gods have smiled upon us and we have SNOW!”

I am leaving for Houston today.  (Poor old hubby can’t go.  Sorry babe!) So, wanna see our forecast for the week?  Paying particular attention to Friday.  Christmas Eve.  Boy are my boys going to be mad!



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