Tea! Tea! My blogdom for some tea!

Tea! Tea! My blogdom for some tea!

Totally using my blog for my own gain.  Get over it.

When I was in college at Southwest Texas State (yes, I know it is now Texas State University, but I went there a LONG time ago right before I went to Texas A&M–whoop!), my roommate in the dorm–Holla, Smelly Melly! I miss you!— used to make some awesome orange spiced tea.  The only thing I remember about the recipe was that it had Tang in it.  Does anyone out there have an orange spiced tea recipe they would care to share with me?  I am just jonesin’ for some tea.  (And, hon, that is rare for this coffee drinker.)

And in honor of my awesome roommate, I will post one of my favorite stories from that time in college.  Later.  If I can get the lawyers to sign off on it.


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