Where oh where did my little blog go?

Where oh where did my little blog go?

Have you had trouble accessing the blog?  Ummm, well, if you have or are now then you can’t read this and therefore this question is pretty pointless.  I did email a certain guy I dated to see if it was visible to the outside world, but apparently his work and family come before babysitting my blog.  Perhaps this is why it has been so long since our last date.  I’m just saying.

Anyway, the only thing I can say about the blog being down is that it was server related.  At least that is what I was told.  I am more convinced that the universe and fates were all working together to keep me off of my blog in order to actually get some sleep since I have been running a fever for 2 days.  I mean, ignoring housework and paying writing jobs while I am sick is perfectly acceptable.  But to not blog?!  That is just ridiculous talk.  So in order to get my butt into bed and off of the computer, my server decided to play hide and seek.  Sometimes you see it.  Sometimes you don’t.

Now, I am going to go shower.  Trust me.  It is imperative that this be done after sleeping under many blankets all day.  Can we say funk?  Yes, I knew we could.

Oh, and if you were one of my readers (all three of you are needed) who could not access my blog today, will you let me know.  I am trying to figure out if it is just my side or everyone.  Thanks.  He’ll send you a free t-shirt for helping out.  Just don’t him that I said he would.  He’s got 3 kids.  He’ll never remember that he didn’t promise you one before.  Sleep deprivation will do that.


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