Cooking sucks. Eating rocks.

Cooking sucks. Eating rocks.

I don’t like to cook.  When I say I don’t like to cook, I mean I really detest having to cook.  Of course when I say I really detest having to cook I mean I would rather sit in the corner of the room and slowly peel the skin off of my own face than have to cook.

Getting the sheer loathing I have for cooking?

I have a crockpot.  I can do the crockpot.  You throw in a few things.  Turn it on.  Go about your life and dinner is ready when you need to eat.  No fuss.  No crying.  No sitting in the corner peeling off my face.

But you see, I have 2 recipies.  A roast and some sweet brown sugar-terryaki chicken thing.  Two.  Oh wait, I did make this orange juice chicken thingie before that everyone liked.  That makes 3.  Last time I checked a calendar, there are 7 days in a week.  Allowing for pizza night and cereal night I still need to figure out more things to cook.

Here is where you come in.  Any easy recipies?  Crockpot or not.  But remember, you really don’t want to be the one responsible for me having to peel my own face off.  Make it easy.


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