Give it up for Buzz

Give it up for Buzz

In case you didn’t hear, one of my all time favorite bloggers has reached a point in his blogging where he feels it is time to hang up his keyboard.  Part of me totally understands.  When it is time to stop, it is time to stop.  It takes a mature (bwhahaha Buzz mature?  That’s like saying I am mature) man to know when it is time to end an era.  Of course, the other part of me wants to scream, cry and hold my breath until he tells me he was just kidding and will be back to blogging within a week.

Led by the great example of Genuine, I have a proposition for all of you bloggers out there.  Tomorrow (or today if you are so inclined) is officially Kate for Buzz Day.  That’s right.  Find your favorite or best picture of Kate Hudson and post it on your blog for Buzz.  Let’s give him a send off that only he deserves.  All Kate.  All blogs.  All day.  Imagine his immense happiness to see his beloved Kate splashed all over the blogs he reads in tribute to the great entertainment he has shown us over the year(s).

For my part, Buzz, I give you…..KATE.  (See, Buzz, look at that face.  She’s sad that you’ve stopped blogging, too.)



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