I don’t DO resolutions

I don’t DO resolutions

Resolutions?  I am not big into resolutions.  Something about the word conjures up images or being forced to sit down and write out all of the horrible things about myself that need to be changed and then promising to change them.  *shudder* (Not that this ever happened, mind you.) I would much rather use the word “goals”.  I have goals.  I can do goals.  Goals make me think of winning and achieving.  (And as an Aggie scoring goals means kissing.  That’s always a plus.)

I told Clint how much I didn’t like worrying about trying to stick to a list of resolutions so I was going to make mine easier this year AND call them Goals.  So, here are my list of GOALS for 2005 as told to Clint.

1) Eat more

2)Drink more

3)Sleep more

4) Sex more (whoop!)

5)Exercise less

6)Only makes resolutions I can stick to.

He said those totally don’t count.  (Whatever!) So, I decided to try to make a better list of goals.  And when I say better I mean more socially acceptable.  And when I say socially acceptable I mean something uptight list makers can be happy about.  Ready?

1) I will write everyday no less than an hour.

2) I will treat my blog more like a local coffee house where I gather with my friends.  A place where everybody knows your name.  And we all yell “NORM!” when someone we love shows up.  (Okay, so I got carried away a bit with the Cheers analogy, but you get the point.)

3)Each week I will send a handwritten letter to someone that I have not written to in a while.  I became lazy with email and such.

4)I’ll be a better friend.  Enough said.

5)Once a month (at least) I will learn how to do something new.  A new talent, task or hobby.  Something I have wanted to learn how to do but have never had the guts to try before or the patience to learn.  (My first on the list is woodworking.  As in making a bookcase.  Yes, I know I start off with a bang!) Feel free to challenge me and question my progress.

What about you?  Are you setting goals or making resolutions?  Tell me about them!


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