My guess is: Tokyo, Massachusettes for a Brown Pie, please

My guess is: Tokyo, Massachusettes for a Brown Pie, please

*UPDATE at the bottom of this entry*

Yesterday was one of those days that make me wonder why I ever got out of bed.  It was one thing after another.  By 5:00pm I snapped and I was in tears.  Mainly because the day was hard.  But also because I was supposed to go out to dinner and have BLUE margaritas (did you hear me?  BLUE MARGARITAS after a hard day) with some awesome women.  But fate, Clint’s job and life did everything to conspire against me meeting up with them.  I was–oh how do I describe it?–a total bitch about it.  By 7:00pm I gave up, put on my jammies and commenced an all out pout session.

A little after 8:00pm, I noticed someone had called.  Listening to the message I realized it was Natalie.  The message went something like this:

“Jenn, we are currently at your house of worship engaging in intellectual discussions about various life topics and would love if you would join us to add to this discourse.  Call me back.”

Or maybe it really said,

“Jenn, we’re at Starbucks playing Trivial Pursuit and need to kick someone’s ass.  Get up here.  We all know we can beat you.”

That was all I needed.  Bad hair, little make-up and bad mood be damned.  I threw on my jeans and a shirt and told Clint I was out of there.  I raced my little car as fast as she would go to my house of worship Starbucks just in time to still join in their game.  Which, by the way, they SO needed me there to help them get all of the answers right make them feel smarter because of my inferior Trivial Pursuit knowledge.  (I still say Tokyo is a small country nestled somewhere in the state of Massachusetts which is bordered by two Great Lakes and–little known fact–is the home to a shitload of baseball players.)

Can I just say how much I completely adore these women?  I had a blast.  They have no idea how much I needed that little bit of time out.  Although the ass whipping on Trivial Pursuit wasn’t totally necessary, ladies.

I have chilled with Natalie before because, well, it makes sense since she lives in HOUSTON.  Of course, I have never been out with Dell because, she lives inconveniently DOWN THE STREET from me.  My impression of Erin?  She is kind of scary for a tiny girl.  And I think she cheated at Trivial Pursuit.  No one in the history of the world knows the answer to that flower thingie that smells like a goat question, girlfriend!  (I kid!  I adore you.) We just all fit in great together. 

Dell, you name the time and place and I am SO ready to break out that Sex and the City Trivia game.  Deal?  But only if we can go get some penis on a stick first.  I am still so sad about missing the Penis on a Stick.

Here you go:  The link to the yummy goodness that I missed out on by not going to dinner with the girls:  Dell’s Penis on a Stick


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