Rambling nonsense

Rambling nonsense

I have opened and closed this blog several times since this weekend, but there just wasn’t a muse to help me.  Something happened this weekend that rattled me and I couldn’t move past it.  I am doing better now.  Sorry if you thought I abandonned you.  Never, Internet.  Never.

However, this weekend did allow itself a few moments of humor.  I live in a home of smartasses.  It’s true.  I have no idea where they get it.  I am guessing their father

Me: “I probably don’t want to know, but why there is a spoon in my boot?”

Clint: “Because they were eating pudding.”


Me: (standing in the doorway of my son’s room)“Why do I see dirty clothes all over this floor?!”

A voice from down the hall: “Because you’re standing in the open doorway looking at them!”

In other news, the Puppy Poopinator (affectionately referred to by me as Captain Carpet Crapper) is getting a bit better.  Apparently he only has issues with me.  I think he waits until we are alone and then treats it like a game.  “Hmmmm, I haven’t crapped in this corner before.  Let’s see how long Super Olfactory Girl takes to discover that I hid it there.” I am NOT a big fan of this game.  In fact, this game makes me crazy and a bit irrational.  I even went as far as suggesting that maybe duct taping his ass would help keep him from this game.  No one thought that was a good idea but me.  Figures.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on housebreaking him.  We are crate training him.  He is doing great with it.  No howling of anything.  In fact, at “bedtime” he goes to his crate willingly.  It is beginning to feel like his safe place to him.  Which is what we want of course. 

Now if only he would stop this game of Crap and Seek, I would be much happier!


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