The new baby

I can’t believe in all the excitement that I forgot to mention the new baby.  I found out about our addition in the beginning of December, but I guess it didn’t seem real until now.  Another mouth to feed?  Another to be responsible for?  What was I thinking?

For those of you who just spewed their beverage of choice all over their computer, relax.  The new baby in the house is not of the human variety and certainly not from my womb.  Although I have been called a bitch before so perhaps some people think it may be possible.  I am not as brave as some people.

His name is Harley.  And yes, he has a middle name.  You see, his breeder has “themes” for each litter.  The theme of the litter that Harley came from is “Dime Store Novels”.  Any guesses on his middle name?  His full name is Harley Quinn.  Get it?  Romance.  Harlequinn.  Harley Quinn.  Yeah, we crack ourselves up to.  It is hard to come up with names for a boy that follow that theme.  So anyway, a bit about Harley.

I will admit, he is adorable.  Even if he is a doberman.  I wanted a lab.  It’s kind of like expecting a cute little baby boy and getting a hairy, ill-mannered monkey.  Sure, you can still love the cute monkey.  One day even forget you hoped for a real-live baby.  But you still look at the new life and think what the hell happened here?!

Like I said, I will admit he is cute.  See:


Although, he has totally become a bit arrogant when it comes to all of those pictures I take of him.  The last time I started to take pictures of him, I swear I heard him say, “Who me?  Me?  You like me.  You really like me!” Then he gave me that cheesy open mouthed, overly happy smile.  Totally fake if you ask me.


Sadly, though, I am pretty sure he is going to get his ass kicked when he goes to obedience class.  The other dogs are so going to pick on him and call him tampon ears.  (For those of you who don’t know, after you clip a dog’s ears, you have to tape them upright until their ears become strong enough to stand up on their own.  It looks like he is wearing two big tampons on his ears.) I am planning on buying him a studded color to perhaps fool the other dogs, but they may just think he is overcompensating.  Nevertheless, we love him.  Tampon ears and all.



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