Time to help

Time to help

I will admit it. More than once I have turned my head away when pictures of the tsunami come on the television.  Seeing the families who lost loved ones and seeing places so ravished is heartbreaking.  But as hard as it is to see what the media chooses to show, I don’t think I fully grasped how vast the devestation really is.

I don’t know if this link has made the rounds or not, but when I got it emailed to me it blew me away. Until you see it this way, I don’t think you can comprehend how horrible it actually is.  Here are some arial photos that shocked and horrified me. (Thanks for the link, Bo-my non-blogging friend.)

Please, if you can, give a little something to some reputable charitable organization that needs help in aiding these people.  Maybe here or here.  If neither one of those floats your boat, just go here.  Try to help if you can.


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