Hurt my kid, hurt me

Hurt my kid, hurt me

Excuse me for a moment while I indulge in a bit of parental sympathy for a child with a broken heart.  You see, today at school they passed out what they call Friendship Grams.  Each child can buy one for $1 and send them to their friends.  Most of the selling was last week.  When Zarek was out of school.  I don’t know if it is “out of sight, out of mind” or what, but he didn’t get any from his friends.  The only kid in his class to not get any.  Actually, that is not entirely true.  His brother (without any prompting from his mom at all, folks) sent him one. 

Zarek was devestated.  I want more than anything to make it better.  But really, think back.  Is anything your Mom says when your feelings are hurt going to make it better?  So, I am asking if maybe, just maybe you you, dear readers, will help heal his broken heart.

I usually don’t use my blog to ask for help.  But when it comes to my kids, I have no probleming asking.  If you have a second, will you take a moment to send my little man a Valentine’s Day email?* Even if it is just to say, “Hi.” It would make him smile and certainly help his Mom to possibly fix a bad day and make it a bit better. 

Thanks, dear Internet.

* Email address removed.  If you still want to participate, feel free to email it to my email address.  Thanks!


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