Share something good with her

Share something good with her

Apparently I was napping when the bandwagon drove through here. It seems I am one of the few people to not jump on.

(What is she babble-assing about this time?)

It seems that the article in Newsweek on Mommy Madness by Judith Warner got a lot of women (and men) talking.  I have traveled all over the blogosphere reading what other people had to say about it.  And trust me.  There was a lot said.  I became so caught up hearing everyone else’s take on it that I never got around to saying anything myself.

One place that had me riveted (and stole the better part of an evening) was the discussion going on over at Chez Miscarriage.  Mom after mom after mom shared their negative experiece with “mothering drive-by’s.” Hundreds of women who were burned.  I have to be honest.  That kind of bummed me out that we do that to each other.

But, leave it to my good friend Shelley to see this and make a positive spin on the entire situation.  I really did like her idea.

Shelley wants to hear about the good and positive things that people have had to say to you about your parenting style and choices.  What a great idea!

Surely we can go over there and share in the positive things we have experienced from other moms, dads and strangers alike.  Go on!  Share the positive stories with Shelley!

(And check out her awesome book while you’re there.  You’ll be glad you did!)


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