Sometimes all you can do is babble-ass.

Sometimes all you can do is babble-ass.

Sometimes Mondays are only good for babble-assing.  Here is just a bit of randomness.

They are gone.  Out of the house.  Not underfoot.  What am I talking about?  Both boys and

Clint are healthy again.  The boys are in school and the hubby is at work.  Oh hallelujah the angels are singing!  Of course, that means that Gabriella is home without ANY playmates except me.  I am not sure she has taken a breath since she woke up.  There is no time to breathe when you are TALKING nonstop as LOUDLY as you can.  I am considering jamming a couple of chopsticks in my eardrums to find relief from the incessant chatter.  (Of course, the dog misses the boys, too.  I have thrown that damn ball so many times my arm and shoulder are sore.)

Miss a commercial last night during the SuperBowl?  (It was tough to catch them all when the game was so good.  If the game is a blow out, you can get more snacks and go to the bathroom during the game and see all of the commercials.  Gee, thanks, players for making the game so much FUN to watch!) So, if you missed one, check out this page that has all of the commercials.  ALL of them.  It’s like watching the SuperBowl without the silliness of the game.  *[Hat tip to Life with Buccho for the heads up on that.]

Is there life after laundry?  For that matter, is there an “after laundry?” I have never caught up and have never been completely laundry free.  Is this like some cosmic joke?  The laundry demons from hell who sneak in at night and dirty up more clothes than any one family could ever use?  For those of you who have children, do you make them do their own laundry?  If so, at what age did you start?  Is 3 too young to make her do her own laundry? I know there are moer than enough maid services to clean every house in the metroplex.  Are there any services that will come into your house and do your laundry for you?  I don’t have the money to pay someone, but I am willing to sell a kidney if I can get someone to do all of my laundry.  (For the “helpful husbands” like my own, that means wash, dry fold and PUT AWAY.  Just so you know.)

And there you have my Monday babbleassing.


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