Sometimes it takes a “team” to birth a baby

Sometimes it takes a “team” to birth a baby

Bear with me on this.  I am not sure I even know the words to express what I am feeling, but I wanted to capture and share a story with you that I have been honored to have been able to follow from the beginning.  I’m just not sure if the words are going to come out right.

Four years ago I became a part of an incredible group of women.  We met online and all had babies born in the same month.  We have shared everything from sleepless nights, to diaper rash.  We’ve been there for each other through sicknesses and celebrations.  We’ve cried together over births and deaths.  We have become a family.

One of these amazing women just gave birth.  But of course- you know me by now- there is a story behind it.

You see, she has 5 children of her own.  She knows how amazing it is to have a baby.  This woman is made for having babies and is a wonderful Mom.  She is one of those women that motherhood agrees with her in incredible ways.  From the way she glows to the way her children look at her with so much love in their eyes.  She has the patience and attitude that many of us strive to achieve in motherhood.  I cannot imagine her not having children.  And her heart cannot imagine another woman-not unlike herself- who desperately wants children and cannot.

In the most unselfish act a woman can do, she became a gestational surrogate for this precious couple.  She has shared the story with us from the moment she met them until the recent birth.  Today, she shared the most gorgeous pictures of her little surro-baby with the rest of us.  I so wish I could capture into words the emotions that overwhelmed me.  I sat and was able to witness through her pictures the incredible joy this family-all of them-shared over the birth of this miracle baby.  To see this baby’s mum beaming with pride.  To see the peace and joy in my friend’s face.  It is all just so overwhelming to be even an outside witness to this experience.

I cannot imagine what my friend must be going through now that she has given birth.  I cannot imagine being so selfless.  I try to put myself in her shoes and cannot even get close to filling them.

In this life, I have not had a lot of heros.  Until now. I can say without hesitation that I have met, hugged and been a part of the life of one.  And if you happen to be reading this, M….you truly are my hero.


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