To talk about it or not to talk about it.

To talk about it or not to talk about it.

I have to admit, lately I have been sitting on the fence (so to speak) about how much I should or should not share about my addiction and still dealing with issues that not only addicts who are just *getting sober deal with, but ones that long timers deal with as well.  It’s not that I am worried about “outting” myself.  (Trust me, people still think it is unheard of the be both an addict and drive a mini-van.) It has more to do with the fact that I haven’t written much about it here and that is not what you (my readers) have come to expect from this blog.  I questioned myself.  A lot.

And then today, something happened that literally brought tears to my eyes and confirmed that I am not wrong to talk about it. 

I got an instant message from someone thanking me for talking about my addcition on this site.  That person went on to tell me they were also a recovering addict, and that it was nice to know they were not the only “normal” person with that in their past.

It just reconfirmed that even if it wasn’t what you are used to and even if some people stop reading me because of the change in tone every now and then, there are people out there who not only want to hear about it, but need to.  That in some small way talking about it may make a differenece to someone.

And really, the bottom line is that is what I care most about.  Wouldn’t you?

* I will sometimes use the words “get clean” and “get sober” interchangeably.  Sometimes you hear both together.  Most people use the words “get clean” when it comes to drugs and “get sober” when it comes to alcohol.  I could care less what you call it.  To me, it means getting the addiction out of my life. Just so you know.


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