Welcome…now I must gripe and complain

Welcome…now I must gripe and complain

If you came here by way of Michele, welcome.  I promise to visit each and every one of your blogs.  Thanks for coming and commenting.  Michele, thank you for making me the site of the day.  Free coffee for an ENTIRE year for you, my friend!

Remember last week when I rejoiced that I managed to avoid the illness that plagued my family? Well, Clint wrote a very sensitive and moving entry full of sympathy and compassion (*cough cough bullshit cough*) of how I appparently did NOT manage to avoid it afterall.  Feel free to tell him that he needs to wait on me hand and food while spoiling me rotten.  Go on.  I’ll wait.

Can I just say for the record, GROWN WOMEN are NOT meant to have ear infections.  It is cruel!  I don’t have patience for it.  In fact, it makes me downright grumpy.  And Advil just does not cut the pain.  Shouldn’t I have outgrown this by now?  I mean, shouldn’t that be banned when you get rid of diaper rash and colic?  WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS?

Girl Scout cookies arrived today. 

I have an ear infection that is really ticking me off.

Raise your hand if you think that an entire box will be consumed before tomorrow?


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