Oh for the love of all things mind numbingly boring, I am losing my mind.  I am so freaking bored.  I have spent the day avoiding the writing that I have to do.  Instead, I have surfed the internet to the point that even my computer got pissed off and bored and said, “For the love of god woman, get a damn life!  I quit!” as it proceeded to lock up. 

You know what is boring me the most?  My website.  I mean, I have had the same design for far too long.  Yet, I am a pain in the ass to work with when it comes to redesigning my site.  The conversation goes something like this:

Designer:  “So, what are you looking for?”

Me: “Uh…I dunno.  Something new.”

Designer: “Okay, so by new you mean….?”

Me:  “Yeah, ummm, not what I have now.”

Designer:  “I really appreciate being given a lot of freedom in designing, but perhaps a little direction would be nice.”

Me:  “Oh, well, how about something that looks fun but not so fun you don’t take me seriously.  Something either with cute graphics or real graphics.  Maybe something that can become ‘my signature’ that people will remember.  How about something about writing or coffee or motherhood!  Does that help?”

Designer: “Yeah.  It helps me realize you’re an idiot!”

(Okay she didn’t say that but I am sure she thought it.)

So while I am driving the poor person working on it insane, I start surfing to find something I like.  Turns out I like too much.  It totally didn’t help. So, I am opening the floor to you, my readers. 

What do you think of when you think of my blog?  What graphic would make you say, “Oh that is SO her!” I mean, I seriously thought about stealing the awesome graphic that Melissa has on her blog.  I mean, let’s face it, you can’t see a pacifier in a martini glass and not scream, “Melissa!!” I need something like that.  I need a graphic that makes people shout, “Mommy needs coffee!” (But not if they are at Starbucks or some other coffee house.  Because that would probably piss a few people off.) Any ideas?  Come on!  I need brilliance here, people.  I am so bored with my blog, myself and my “image” that I am going to have to slam my face repeatedly against the keyboard until I come up with either a really cool concussion or a brilliant idea.  Help me help you.


Now, for your entertainment, I will entertain you with my very own (in)famous rendition of “Play That Funky Music”.  You should probably remove your children from the room first, though.  wink


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