Meth and moms

Meth and moms

I saw this article today- as well as seeing a segment about it on the Today show. Apparently, the use of meth among suburban moms is on the rise. 

“Federal authorities are also concerned about what they’re calling an epidemic. Lapierre said methamphetamine makes you feel like you’re in overdrive and in total control.”

Here’s the thing.  I don’t think it is “becoming” an epidemic.  I believe what is actually happening is that it is becoming less taboo to talk about it.  You all didn’t run for the hills when I mentioned my addictions, now did you.  Women– and addicts– are finding that they are less isolated and alone then they thought they were.  It is not- and has not- been as uncommon for a suburban woman to become an addict as people are making it out to be.  You are hearing about it more because we are breaking down the stereotype of who can- and has- become addicts.  If more women come forward, you hear about it more.  It’s just that simple.

Of course the big question is:  Why?  Why are women in the suburbs turning to illegal- and legal- drugs?  Simple.  We are so busy trying to get it all done in a 24 hour period that we are exhausted.  The demands on us to be the perfect mom, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect volunteer, the perfect wife are so intense, we are willing to turn to anything to help us get it all done.

I’ll be honest with you.  It does give you that Super Mom feeling.  Right before it smashes your life to hell.  But suddenly, it takes an article in Newsweek, a book or a news story for people to sit up and take notice that it is tough for us to get it all done and we are feeling the pressure.

Did you know that it is getting harder for women to get all of the things on their to-do list accomplished in a day?  Shocker, huh.  Ladies, please raise your hand if you are able to get everything done that you want to get done in a day.  Anyone?  That’s what I thought.

It is a good thing that attention is being brought to the issue.  It is good that people are finally talking about it more openly.  But please…do not tell me an epidemic is BEGINNING.  It is not.  If anything is beginning, it is the beginning of awareness.  And that is a good thing.


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