Mommy Needs One too!

Mommy Needs One too!

You always think it will happen to someone else.  It starts so innocently.  First it is just looking at pictures on the internet.  Then, those pictures get downloaded and looked at more frequently- with great lust I might add.  The next thing you know, he comes to you and says he is flying to New Hampshire to pick her up and bring her home.  He insists that you will think she is hot too.  How could I not agree?  Look at her!

With that said, I never really fell in love with the hot-rod like he did.  Oh, sure, it was great to go out on date night in it and pretend that we are young, hip and dating.  And, yes, I did like the way it rumbled so deep and low.  I’ll admit it.  Although I wasn’t really thrilled when I went to his office and saw a poster size picture of the Z and also an 8×10 ‘portfolio’ image and not one of me…his WIFE. 

Did I begrudge him his love for his Z?  No.  Did I tell him that he needs to spend more money on me and less on the Z?  Sometimes.  Did I completely tease him about his “baby”?  Absolutely!  I neither loved nor hated his car.  (Yes, to some of you it is blasphemy to not love a classic Z.  Deal with it.) In fact, I have never even driven it.  Not once.

Until last week.

All I can say is….SWEEEEEET!

Forget about mommy needing coffee.  Mommy needs a hot rod!  I can see it now.  That deep rumble through the carpool line.  Challenging the mini-van moms at the light on the way to preschool.  Strapping in that car seat for Gabrie and cruising with the windows down. Two free-spirited chicks on the go!

Oh, yes….Mommy Needs a hot rod!

Now who is going to tell Clint?


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