A Fun Bedroom Trick

A Fun Bedroom Trick

I am going to share a little trick with you, my faithful readers.  A trick that you can use in your bedroom.  It is guaranteed to leave your mate speechless. (Although it is not just for the bedroom.  You can use this little trick anywhere you want.)

Ready?  Okay, here is what you need to do. Take an everyday drinking straw to bed with you.  Wait!  Come back.  Trust me! I do however suggest you wait until you are both snuggled deep under the covers.  You don’t want to ruin the surprise, so make sure your mate is not watching you.  (Surprises in the bedroom can be a lot of fun!)

Do you have your straw?  Good.  Now take that everyday, regular drinking straw and place the longer end of the straw under your left arm pit.  Position is everything here.  (Actually, you can use your right pit, too.  It is not pit dependent.)

Now, bend the shorter end up towards your mouth.  Got it?


See!  I guarantee your mate is looking at you and is totally speechless. 

What?!  I never said I was sharing with you a sexual trick, now did I?

[This entry brought to you by the Organization to Promote Immaturity in Marriage.  Visit us at our homepage at…. oh, wait…we don’t have a webpage because we are too immature to get our act together enough to do that.  But if we did, you better believe we would have some kick ass sound effects!]


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