Are you looking at me when you read this? Don’t look at me!

Are you looking at me when you read this? Don’t look at me!

Have you ever had one of those days.  One of those days when nothing seems to go your way.  And even if things do go your way, they are SO not going your way in exactly the way you want them to go?

You know those days where the very fact that someone had the nerve to look at you makes you homicidal?  Looks.  At you.  Their eyes invading your space with all of their lookiness?  (If I want that to be a word, then it is a word.  Do you really want to argue with me today?)

I am having one of those days weeks.  I am unfit to be around.  I am unfit to talk to.  I am UNFIT TO HAVE A COMPUTER.  If you have emailed me in the last day or two and either (a) been completely and rudely ignored or (b) been told to kiss my ass and leave me the hell alone (sorry Dad)…. please do not take it personally.  I am in one of those places where it’s like a damn freight train has come and run me down and I am really wrapped around the axle over it.

Perhaps someone should get one’s ass to one’s meeting before one decides to start chewing on the calming goodness of Xanax like they are friggin’ M&Ms.  I’m just saying.

Quit looking at me!


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