Dude! That’s gotta hurt!

Dude! That’s gotta hurt!

Sometimes my entries write themselves.

The other morning I was stumbling into the kitchen for my morning speed fix cup of coffee.  (Sidenote: This just so happened to be the day after Clint made an appointment for his Big V -or Freedom Day as I like to call it.) After taking a huge life-giving gulp of my nectar of the gods coffee, I was able to pry my eyes open.  When I I did, I glanced over to something that caught my eye on my counter.  Yes, this absolutely made me spew my coffee all over myself and my counter.  What the hell?

I did indeed see what I thought I saw.  Yes, my friends, it is a plastic man straddling a knife. 

No one will fess up to putting it there.  No. One.  And I swear by the gods of the internet, it was not me.  If I am lying, may Harley (the dog otherwise known as Sir Poops A-Lot) defacate my carpet everyday for a week. 

Clint didn’t see the humor that I did.  For you men who think I am a horrible bitch for laughing at this, you’re right.  I am.  But really…it is funny in light of the situation.

So if you are the one who set Mr No Nuts on the knife, thanks for the giggle, but honestly, I am going to have to ask for my key back.  It freaks me out that you got into my house and did that.


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