The one where I am not so social, but can woo-woo dance with the best of them

The one where I am not so social, but can woo-woo dance with the best of them

Does it make me anti-social to go to the school’s family picnic and bring a magazine to read?  Does it make me a bitch that I sat down my blanket, kicked off my shoes and started flipping through my magazine rather than going from person to person and making small talk?  Does it mean that I will never have anything in common with the parents of the kids that go to school with my kids when I stare at them and have no clue in hell what to say to them to start up a conversation?  For the love of all things social, I do believe I am an antisocial bitch.  (Stop laughing those of you who already knew that!) I don’t really want to be that way.  Really.  But first my partner in crime moves away and then the one person I can count on to be as cynical and catty as I am decides not to go!  (I don’t blame her.  The party she did decide to go to had alcohol.  I would so have ditched the kids for a party with adults and booze, too.  I’m just saying…)

It’s not like I want to be the school bitch.  I don’t. Not really.  But after getting burned like I did last year, I am gun-shy.  I did have a great conversation with one of the women on the board that I really admired when I went through the whole “PTA is from hell” incidents.  And I had a great time talking to the parents of one of Z’s friends.  So, it wasn’t all bad.  And I didn’t have to sit off in the section marked for losers and PTA-banned-trouble-makers either.

Oh, and is it bad that I think a man who sings kids songs for a living is totally bordering on hot?  I mean, I went to the concert at the school expecting Raffi and got Eddie?  Yeah, I will totally do the Woo Woo Dance for Eddie when he asks.

Hmmm, maybe it is comments like that which cause me to get myself in trouble.  Nah.  Screw ‘em if they can’t take a joke.  Excuse me while I go off and torment Brandon while singing the Woo Woo Dance song.  I just love being a pain in the ass!


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