This totally rocks for something that sucks!

This totally rocks for something that sucks!

Clint has totally been holding out on me.  For like years.  He has had this amazing thing hidden from me (in plain site I might add) and never once shared with me the glorious goodness that is his shop*vac.

I was in a cleaning frenzy today.  If it stood still, I cleaned it.  Even the fireplace, people.  I did the whole scoop out, dump in a bag, scoop, dump etc that you do when you are cleaning out a fire place.  It didn’t look too bad.

And there in the corner of the room, stood his shop*vac. What the hell? I thought.  It can’t hurt.

Oh for the love of sucking goodness everywhere, this thing rocked my world, people.  I have never had a cleaner fireplace in my life. 

I raced around to all of the baseboards in my house with the amazing shop*vac. I listened to the sound of it sucking up the tiny little particles that have made my baseboards their home for years.  I laughed.  I cried.  I think I had an orgasm it made me so happy.

Oh, who I am kidding?  It was a complete When Harry Met Sally coffee shop moment complete with screaming, writhing, whipping my hair around in excited bliss and even some slamming of my hands onto the walls. 

I heart Clint’s shop*vac.

I’m just saying….


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