A moment of silence (and sobbing uncontrollably while wearing black and pouting)

Today was Gabriella’s last day of school.

If we can all have a moment of silence to observe the passing of my holy T-days


First of all, any of you who think it is wise to tease me about the fact that I felt lost as to what I would do with my time when she went to school, just…don’t.  I mean really.  Don’t.  I can track you down.

How can my Holy T-Days be gone so soon.  Do you know what this means?  It means that next week the boys will end their school year.

Do you know that means?  It means they will ALL be with ME. Everyday.


I go to bed, they will be there.  I wake up, they will be there.  I sneak Vodka in the closet go to the bathroom, they will be there.

I am not ready.  I plan on wearing black all next week in protest.  (Well, that and because it is so slimming.  And of course, because I have this adorable new pair of strappy black sandals that are to die for. But, really, it is more in protest.)

School year, why have thou forsaken me?


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