Get yourself a late mother’s day present

Get yourself a late mother’s day present

Since we are talking about Moms, I want to tell you about a fantastic book I have recently received.  I even got a very sweet handwritten note from Marg herself.  (Hi, Marg!) It’s Marg Stark’s book What No One Tells The Mom: Surviving the early years of parenthood with your sanity, your sex life and your sense of humor intact.

I have read many books that will talk about the “less than popular” sides of motherhood.  I have read books that show the humor in the “less than popular” sides of motherhood.  I have read books that give practical advice from real life moms (not a man with “years of experience” that make him qualified–as if– tell you just how to survive the first years of motherhood) about motherhood.  This is the first book that I have read that has all of that. 

Moms who are worn out and been there done that “experienced” will enjoy the frank honesty as they nod their heads in agreement.  Moms who have no idea what they are getting into are “new moms” will appreciate the honest talk about the issues few people tell them about before becoming moms.  They will really appreciate the practical advice.

One of my favorite experts says:

“Recognize, too, that the more we push others away, insisting we can mother alone, the more susceptible we are to burnout and breakdowns.  The more we allow our husbands to dismiss themselves from baby care, the longer we delay their being able to handle it.  The more we insist on doing it alone, the more that gets permanently assigned to us.”

Where were you 11 years ago, Marg?  I would have saved myself years of exhaustion and burnout had I actually understood this concept.  The beauty of the book is that gems like that are not just thrown out there.  They are followed up with real examples from moms and real solutions for moms.

Even “experienced” moms will find part of this book strikes a cord with them.  It really hit home for me when I read this:

”…the happiest moms I know have learned to temper the stresses of marathon motherhood by sanctifying their experiences, sharing with others the absurd circumstances they find ourselves in, harking back to their past, and winnowing from everyday life little moments of transcendence. 

Like them, I am bolstered knowing that my mom felt the same way, and that nearly every mother in recorded history has resented a lopsided share of grunt work and the mixed blessings of loving her children and family so deeply.”

Do you trust me?

Do you?

Then get your hands on this book.  It really is a gem.


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