I cried because I had no blogroll, then I met someone with no blog

I cried because I had no blogroll, then I met someone with no blog

I admit it.  I am lost without my blogroll.  But, being the cheapskate, penny pinching, budget following wench that I am, I decided to not renew my blogrolling GOLD (they make it all shiny and pretty when they shout it at you.  I just make it BIG).  I did not, however, realize that they would kidnap and hold all of my links hostage. 

Is that even legal?  Can they do that?  Isn’t forcing me to pay money to get my links back a form of blackmail?  I am sure it must be!  Where is the FBI or CIA or NSA when you need them??

On a more urgent and tragic note, I fear I will never find a cute sun dress that will (a) look good on a body that has given birth 4 times, breastfed and has has things that have…well..shifted and (b) will not require taking out a second mortgage on the house to be able to afford it.  (Remember…I am a cheapskate, penny pinching, budget following wench.)

You see this summer, my cousin is getting married.  On the beach.  Oh wait, did I say this summer?  I meant IN A MONTH.  I am pretty sure I cannot lose the weight I want to or sew the perfect dress.  (I cannot believe I was able to type that whole “sew” thing without passing out from the laughter.) I will not give up though.  I want a casual, fun and beach-y dress (but not tacky or formal or overdone).  Now I have to decide how to go about it.  Do I shop online in the privacy of my office where I can drool, laugh or weep over the perfect dress?  Or do I face the horrors of the nightmare lighting in a dressing room but ensure that what I choose fits?

See?  I have big issues in my life.  BIG.  ISSUES. 



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