Time off for good behavior!

Time off for good behavior!

Did I mention that I was going out of town for a week?  And that the week I was going out of town started last Monday and I would be getting home yesterday?  Did I? 

Oooops. My bad.  Let me fix that.

Hey, Internet, I am going out of town.  I will be home yesterday.


But see it is even better than that!  I went out of town with 3 kids and a dog.  I came home with a dog.  That’s right.  I finally made good on my threat to drop the kiddos off on the side of I-45 and make them walk home.

No, not really.  Geez, people!  But I did leave them in the very wonderful and very capable hands of my sister.  FOR A WEEK.

That’s right A WEEK of no kids.  No bedtimes.  No planning if I want to go out.  No fights to break up.  No whining to deal with.

Just one week of ME TIME.  (Just don’t tell my agent or she will expect a lot more work out of me now.)

And you people expect me to BLOG when I could be running through the house naked listening to 80’s music while eating ice cream for dinner?  Yeah right.  I love you all, but not that much.  I have naked running and ice cream eating to do.


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