Back on active duty

Back on active duty

They are all home.  Here!  IN my house.  IN my face.  ALL day.  Did I mention that I love my children more than anything?  Let me just throw that in there since I am bound to have someone bugged that I am griping about it.  But still.  A week off to live like a queen and now throw so harshly back into the wilds of motherhood?  Shouldn’t there have been some sort of visiting hours to get me back into the swing of things?  You know, sort of like gradually being reintroduced to this whole Motherhood 24/7 thing over the course of say, a week?

I look like a mom again.  Last week, I wore pretty clothes (with NO stains!) and wore shirts that showed *gasp* cleavage!  Today, basketball shorts and a shirt that has several “sport balls” on it with the caption “My Life.  Any questions?” MOM!  It shouts MOM! again.

Did I mention that I really love my kids?  I really do.  Motherhood is good.  But after 11 years without ever (yes, I mean EVER) having an overnight break like that in my own home, it did not take me long to get spoiled.

I offered to pay my sister child support to keep them one more week.  When I pulled up to her house this is what I saw.  (She did say that Gabrie had just walked out there and honest she didn’t set her out with the luggage to wait.) I do believe my fabulous sister was more than ready to go back to her small family with only 2 kids rather than her zoo of 5 that she had all week.

So how long do I have to wait before I ask her to do this again?  A week?  A month?  When they go to college?


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