BlogHer, baby!

BlogHer, baby!

Well, it is official.  I am going to BlogHer ‘05 I have had my eye on going from the first moment I heard about it.  But I stressed about the money it would cost to get there and the childcare issues of leaving early Friday. And of course as any obsessive woman would do, I stressed the whole “who will I know there” and “what will I wear?” issues.  You know.  The important things in life. Sitting on the fence has become quite uncomfortable.  (I am still figuring out how I am going to swing the airfare.  *sigh* I am thinking of selling a kidney.  Anyone need one?)

So anyway, earlier in the week I was asked to join the Mommy Blogging panel with Jenny Lauck and Meghan Townsend.  How could a woman who runs a blog titled “Mommy Needs Coffee” turn down an amazing offer like that?  Answer…I couldn’t. 

After numerous emails and phone calls with Lisa Stone, I would hitchhike to get there.  If for no other reason than I just may have a crush on her.  No, don’t worry.  I probably won’t stalk her, but I am definitely looking forward to meeting her in person.  She is an amazingly kind woman who reached out to me when I really needed it.  (Thanks again, Lisa!)

You know you all want to go, too.  There are going to be some amazing well known bloggers there.  Some bloggers who are just coming into their own.  Bloggers who have just started blogging.  Even some women who don’t even have a blog yet.  It is for anyone and everyone who wants to go.  (Men, too!) Are you going?  Wanna swing by Dallas and pick me up?  I could rock a road trip. 



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