Welcome to the entry with more links than you thought possible

Welcome to the entry with more links than you thought possible

Okay, dear Internet, I promised a few vacation pictures.  I will post a couple here, but most of them are probably illegal and should only be viewed on a pay-per site.  (No, not really.  Geez!  I would think you would know me better by now.)

First, I would like to take the time to welcome my new readers who were sent here after reading my interview featured in the National Association of Women Writers newsletter.  And you thought you were going to find amazing words of wisdom from this issues’s featured author!  Ha!  You get drama, drivel and a few pictures.  But check the archives.  I have been quite profound once or twice. (Sometimes even humorous, too.) I do hope you stick around for a while and get to know me better!

Now, since you people seem to really want to get jealous of my trip, I will share some pictures with you.  I am still waiting for the signed release forms from the family before I show any pictures of non-immediate family members.  I mean, getting sued by a cousin, brother or sister would totally ruin my day! 

Oh, before I go on, let me ask your opinion.  Which do you prefer: (1) photos included in the entry, (2) photos as pop-ups in the entry or (3) a combo of both with the majority on Flickr? For now you get pop-ups.  But this is only round one.  We have many to go!

To help you get the full experience of why I was so chilled out and was not online much, I have exhibit A.  This is the view from my bed. And in the morning, as I was waking up to that view, I would stumble out here to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.

On Tuesday, my cousin got married.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Sunset.  On the beach.  Standing under this arch. It was so touching, it made me want to marry this man all over again.  (Have I mentioned lately that I love this man?  I really do love our life together.) We have been very blessed.

Of course, it wasn’t all kissing and coffee drinking on our vacation.  There were other kinds of drinking and playing going on as well.  But you’re going to have to wait for those pictures.  You know the old saying…

Always leave them wanting more!


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