Are you KIDDING ME?!

Are you KIDDING ME?!

Quick update from the Caffeinated Front.

I am in Houston.  Houston?  Why Houston, Jenn? I am glad you asked.  You see, my sister came to town on Wednesday.  Apparently the general consensus is that I have finally become a bit too stressed and high strung for my own good and needed a calming influence.  That would be my sister.  She has a way of focusing me and getting me to, well, basically chill the hell out.  Clint says she is cheaper than a shrink and not as dangerous as drugs, so he was thrilled that she came to help me find a bit of sanity.

“But, Jenn, that doesn’t explain why you are in Houston right now.” That is what you were thinking, right?

Well, my sister arrives just in time for my mom to have to go to the hospital.  In Houston.  Where my sister just came from.  So, we all load everything up and head down there to be with Mom and Dad.  Mom had to have surgery this morning and is currently in ICU.

You know?  This CHILL OUT plan is NOT WORKING OUT!  In fact, it totally sucks!  I am NOT CHILLED OUT, PEOPLE!

So, in the future, perhaps I will just meditate.  Yeah.  medication meditation would really be good about now.

I will try to check in.  I can check email, but probably won’t be blogging.  Go hang out at my wonderful husband’s site.  He will update you all on what is going on.  Not to mention the fact he is really hot and oh-so-funny! 


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