Field trip day

Field trip day

I have been on a roll with my writing lately.  Thankfully.  (If my amazingly patient agent is reading this, you can stop your self imposed hunger strike you were forced into as a last resort in order to finally get something out of me.  Honest.  Eat, my friend.  The chapters are coming!) Needless to say, I am mentally drained and have nothing to blog about.

But, wait!  Come back.  I would not leave you without some form of entertainment. Here are some of the places I have enjoyed while “taking a break from writing” (otherwise known as surfing the net in order to keep my head from actually exploding.)

Yesterday my friend Melanie (who may have to either adopt me or marry me to solve my “urgent” name issues) got a real live copy of her finished book.  Go over there and give her a big congrats.  You’ll even be rewarded with a fabulous brownie recipe.  If you’re really nice, she may even let YOU sniff a page or two.

Did you read the touching stories over at Mommy Matters that Christine shared about being a very young bride going through her husband’s Navy sub deployment for the first time?  I have known Christine for years (from our online Moms Group).  I really loved reading this.  If you want to know what deployment is like from the viewpoint of a young wife, this really is a must read.  Part one starts here.

Moms and Dads pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to fill YET ANOTHER summer day (that I swear are MUCH longer then the school year days of a mere 24 hours)?  You should go read in awe how Mir has something scheduled EVERY week.  (This week’s fun:  SUMMER CAMP!) Oh, sure, she claims it is because she works full times so it is necessary.  Take it from this slacker mom, necessity does not necessarily mean creativity and fun times for the kids.  I would probably have my kids with a chain-smoking, whiskey drinking babysitter who works for minimum wage.  Go, Mir!  Will you adopt me next summer?  It sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than summertime here.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t send you over to wish my life-twin-separated-at-birth Busy Mom a happy anniversary.  She and Busy Dad are celebrating their 15th anniversary today.  Yet one more thing we have in common.  (No, no.  I didn’t marry Busy Dad 15 years ago, too. I married this guy.)

Finally, I want to send you to a blog that I have totally fallen in love with:  Stalking Kelly Ripa. The premise is hysterical.  Kelly used to have a bookclub (Reading with Ripa) that chose enjoyable books by authors who are still living (unlike a certain book club who is only choosing the dead authors now.) Authors Natalie R. Collins and Jennifer Apodoca are the main stalkers, but they have guest stalkers as well.  I have been able to get to know some of these great stalkers writers.  Go join them in stalking Kelly.

Now then, I hope that keeps you busy for a while.  But, really, don’t forget to come back.  Seriously.  You would totally bum me out if you left me for another.


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