Goodbye, Moto

Goodbye, Moto

Remember how I tried so hard to get her to hang in there with me? Remember how I held out hope that she would and could make it through this?  Remember how I sat beside her and begged to hear her say, “Hello Moto” one more time?

Clint sent her to specialist.  A person who is well known in his field for bringing phones like mine back to life at least long enough to regain her memory.  I just got this email forwarded to me from Clint:

Dear Clint,

Please accept our condolences.  We’re sorry to report that your

phone is too far gone.  We were not even able to tease it awake long enough

to recover the memory.

If you wish us to ship the remains back to you, pay our basic

charge or else abandon the phone and we’ll re-cycle it for parts. 

Please let us know what you decide. Again, we’re sorry that we couldn’t be of

more service to you.


Abandon her?  Recycycle her for parts?! OR PAY FOR HER REMAINS?  Oh, what a cruel, cruel world we live in.  Although, I have to at least admit that the specialist did not charge us to examine her.  Only if we wanted her remains shipped back to us.

She’s really gone.  Gone.  And she takes with her all that I held dear to me in our relationship.  Phone numbers.  Pictures.  Memories.  GONE!

Goodbye, Moto.


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