Updates and info

Updates and info

First, thank you so much for all of the emails and comments and calls asking about my Mom.  I love you guys.  It really means a lot to me how so many of you reached out to me.  Thanks.  Mom is doing better.  She is out of ICU.  She is still having some problems, but hopefully they will work themselves out soon.  Her kidneys are still not functioning as they should.  Yesterday, she had a slight fever.  They are watching her closely, but she is stable and improving.  It broke my heart to leave.  But, the doctors, my Dad and my sister all feel it is okay for me to leave for the weekend.  Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you do when someone needs a bit of extra strength and help to get through.  I appreciate it. I will update you as I get information.

But, after much stressing, many phone calls and emails and the okay from my family, I have decided to go ahead and go to BlogHer this weekend.  I need the break.  And, the fact is, if I need to get back, it would take me the same amount of time to fly from California as it would to drive back to Houston from Dallas.  Soooo, after a lot of pushing from my sister and Dad, I agreed to would take the weekend to try to catch my breath.

For those of you going, I am usually not sporting these huge, ungodly black circles and bags under my eyes.  And the constant chatter?  Yeah, that would be stress induced mania with a hint of sleep deprivation.  And the wrinkled clothes?  Well, those are just because I still suck at packing.


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