BlogHer ’05 part 1 of MANY

BlogHer ’05 part 1 of MANY

I have so much to say about BlogHer but so little time coffee to get it done at the moment.  I have pictures to post (but not as many as I would like) and pictures I dread (that is NOT my cleavage!)

Some of the comments I heard about Mommy Bloggers crack me up.  Comments such as:

**”You write so well for a Mommy Blogger.”

**”There were also the super professional techies and the law people, who were generally more circumspect than the trash-talking moms and journalists.” (here)

**”Believe it or not, a lot of the more profane blogs fall into the “MommyBlog” category.” (here)

And one of my favs because she had me laughing everytime we talked:

“Somewhat maligned in some circles, but in Ms. Jen’s world the Mommy Bloggers were AMAZING! Fun, enthusiastic, intelligent and they all partied like rock stars.”

So apparently, I am a foul-mouthed Mommy Blogger who parties like a rock star.  Well, hell yeah!  Have you MET me??

To be Continued

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