Celebrate good times!

Celebrate good times!

Today was the first day of school for the boys.  I wanted to write about it earlier, but I was very busy. After dropping the boys off at school, I fixed myself a few celebratory Mimosas.  Of course that led to the mandatory dancing around the house naked singing Nelly’s It’s Getting Hot In Herre”.  That is, until the UPS guy came banging on the door telling me that my blinds were open and I was scaring my neighbors.  In order to not be arrested, I did at least clothe myself. The police banging on my door would be way too distruptive.  After all, Gabriella was still sleeping.  God knows I don’t want to wake any child sleeping.  EVER.

I tried to behave like a mature adult.  I even sat down with a real live magazine.  With real live articles that were longer than 3 paragraphs.  Don’t, however, ask about what I read.  I have no idea.  It was hard to concentrate when every five minutes I jumped up and worked on perfecting my “Tom Cruise.” Jumping up and down on the couch, slamming my fists into the ground and pumping the air with my empowered fist.


I had many things planned for the day.  I was going to clean.  And organize.  And run errands.  All of the things that need to be done after a very long summer with many children in my face. For many hours. For many days.  Instead, I sat and surfed the internet until my brain began to ooze out of my ears.

I consider it a day well spent!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go drop to my knees and once again sing the Hallelujah chorus.


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