She rose from the scrap pile and SHE LIVES!

She rose from the scrap pile and SHE LIVES!

I cannot believe I did not share with you the MIRACLE!  You must know this!

Remember how I did not want to let go of my Moto? In fact, I was too heartbroken to consider that?  And even after the specialist in the field of bringing back dead Moto’s wrote me a letter of condolence? Everyone said to let her go.

But alas…a Christmas summer miracle. 


Back from the depths of “scrapped for parts” hell, she is here with me and as good as new.  And when I say “lives”, I mean all of my phone numbers, all of my photos and even my cute little background.  My Moto has returned.  Original scratches and all on her.

Even the Tech God Of Motos could not believe that she stuttered forth with a strong “Hello Moto” after weeks of being dead and silent.

Never come between a caffeinated woman and her Moto, people.  They have a bond. (I actually typed “bong” there.  Maybe with my cell phone love it should say “bong”, huh!)


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