Thank you

Thank you

I am seriously blown away by how many of you have emailed me, commented or called me.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Honestly, it means a lot to me!  The good news is that Mom is showing improvement!  She is responsive and her breathing is getting much better.  She is, however, still critical.  But, it is wonderful to see her smile when she hears my voice or to see her respond when one of us tells her to squeeze our hands in response to a question.  The doctors are more optimistic than they were.  (And we all know how they hesitate to show optimism when a patient is critical.) So, things are looking better.

We are all trying to get sleep and eat healthy meals when we can.  I heard a long time ago that you can tell if you have a well balanced meal with the major food groups represented if it is colorful–not all white and bland.  I am happy to say that I must be eating a VERY healthy diet.  In fact, most of them are very colorful.  M&Ms and Diet Coke have a lot of colors represented.  See!  I am taking care of myself!  *grin*

Again, thanks for your kindness.  It helps me more than you know!


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