Update on Mom

Update on Mom

I want to thank so many for you for emailing me asking about my Mom.  I appreciate the kindness you have shown me.  I wanted to go ahead and update you all here as well.

The Thursday before BlogHer Mom went from ICU into a private room.  She was looking good, so they felt comfortable with the move.  However, her body was just not healing like it should have.  I am sure that her MS is complicating the healing process.  So, they moved her back to the ICU.  It appears that what is good for her heart/lungs is making her kidneys freak out and what is good for her kidneys is freaking out the heart/lungs.  They are trying to get it to a point where all of the treatments work together to heal her.

She has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks.  Right now, she is not even wanting to eat anything.  I am sure she is getting depressed over still being at the hospital and in ICU.  I don’t blame her.  But not eating is not going to help her heal!

I cannot describe the frustration in me of being so far away.  If I were living closer, I could visit her.  I could sit with her and hold her hand and try to help her through this.  I am not miracle worker and don’t think that my being there will miraculously cure her.  In fact, if I am totally honest I would have to admit it would do me a lot more good than it would her.  I hate not being there.

But I cannot be there.  My kids start school next week.  My responsibility is to be here with them and get them ready.  To be here for their first day of school.  To buy them new shoes and school clothes and go to open house with them.  My priority is to my kids right now.  My heart is torn in two.

The daughter in me wants to race back to my Mom and curl up in bed beside her and help her.  The mother in me needs to be here for my children and share in all of the back to school things that come up.  To share the excitement and fears.  To answer questions and calm their nerves.

I would be by my Mom’s side as fast as I could get there if they told me to be there.  I have amazing friends here who have already offered to watch my children and keep things flowing if I had to leave.  So, I know I don’t have to worry about the logistics if I need to leave.  I just wish it wasn’t an issue.  I wish I could be there.  *sigh*

So, that is where things are now.  Thanks for your support and caring.  It means a lot!


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