What have I done?

What have I done?

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned.  I feel I must come clean with something I did last week.  You may shriek in horror.  You may even turn your back on me for my horrific act.  But I still feel I must be honest with you.

Last Friday, I went to a…..PTA meeting.  BUT WAIT, it gets worse.  I showed up a half an hour early to help the Hospitality Chairperson set up and make coffee.  AND (yes, there is more) when the sign-in sheet was passed around, I signed it.  With my REAL name and REAL number.  I know. I know.  The horror of it is almost too much to comprehend.  Yet, sadly, there is even more to my sinful ways. 

After the meeting, I joined one of my good friends (A Stepford in denial- who will be called out by name if she outs me again) while she was talking to other board memebers.  I knew it was going to happen.  That damned introduction.  I stammered and stumbled and finally admitted my name was Jenn.  The woman cocked her head to the side and asked for my last name.


Before I knew it, I told her.  I TOLD HER MY REAL NAME!

I know.  I know.  I am ashamed of myself, too.  Not only did I put myself out there, but I know that this will make my participation in the PTA Protection Program null and void.  What, oh what have I done?  (In my defense, most of the board is either people I get along with or people in new positions.  I mean, it could be different.  Right?  RIGHT?!!)

I knew that throwing myself on the ground and faking my own death was the smarter move. Now…well, now I can only accept that I have been marked a target once again for PTA volunteering.  UNLESS, they are blog readers.  Then, there isn’t a chance in hell they would ask me back! 


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