In the Hospital!!!

In the Hospital!!!

Oh settle down. Not like that. She’s fine.

(I’m a stinker.. I know)

Jenn made it back to Houston (West side where impact is suspected to be light) and is staying in the hospital with her mom. The hospital is a very new ‘hardened’ building that is approximately 12 stories tall, has full backup power, cafeteria etc.

She was also ironically blessed by filling up her tank right by the hospital. She saw a lone woman at a gas station. Upon pulling up and asking the woman if the station actually had gas the woman replied that she had pulled up and tore the ‘out of service bag’ off of the handle and gave it a try. My wife pulled in and started filling up. People driving by immediately lined up and they were 6+ cars deep by the time she finished. This will be a great help when she finally is able to leave (hopefully Sunday) and come home.

I miss my baby!

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