Like Gilligan but without the millionare and his wife

Like Gilligan but without the millionare and his wife

I love Ann Taintor! I have an address book that has many of my favorites of hers included inside it.  I check her website rather frequently to see what new and fun stuff she has added.  When I went there today, I nearly spit my coffee out laughing.  Is it because this one was just so funny I could not handle it?  Not really.  More because a very good friend of mine just endured a camping trip that had her rather nervous.  To be unplugged from the world for DAYS?  She feared the worse.

No cell phones.

No laptops.

Not a single luxury!  (Gee, like Gilligan!)

For her, I must post this.  While she camped, this is how I spent my days.


No, I am not about to just post pictures and call them entries forever. But, really, let’s face it.  There is only so much you can read about another person’s pain without wanting to run screaming from the computer in dread and agony.  Sometimes, you just want to escape and have fun.  I understand this.  I have a fun entry coming up later today.  Honest. 

“Tune in tonight on a very special Blossom when Blossom learns the truth about…”

What am I saying?!  Tune in tonight for a rather unconventional interview with a real live published author with a real live book who has real live fans!  (I am among them!) Trust me.  It isn’t your standard interview. 


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