Psycho Hurricane Update

Psycho Hurricane Update

Howdy… nefarious (the husband) here. I have gotten a couple of emails and know many of you are concerned about Jenn since she has been in Houston. Here’s the latest:

She left her parent’s house this morning at 10:30 am.

As of a few minutes ago she has made it almost 60 miles.

Yep… you guys are pretty good at math. That is 11+ hours and 60 miles. That would be 5.45mph. She has used half a tank of gas. I don’t think she is setting any fuel efficiency records and most every place is out of gas. She is stopping at a friend of the family’s house for a pit stop, stretch and try to locate some fuel. She’s still in the zone that they are forecasting hurricane force winds. We’re playing it by ear.

UPDATE 08:30 CST 09/23/2005:

The phantom gas trucks have yet to be seen. Jenn was unable to find additional fuel. Fuel stations are sold out to the North. With this being the case she has decided to turn around and head back to her parents’ home in the WNW suburban outskirts of Houston. 🙁

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.



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