Halloween? Again with the costumes?

Halloween? Again with the costumes?

“But I don’t know what to wear.  Why do I have to dress up in something YOU want me to be?”

Every year we have this discussion and every year there is pouting and whining. Frankly, the kids are getting tired of me acting like this over my costume every year, so I decided to take my cue from them. From Gabriella to be exact. I know what I am dressing up like for Halloween.

I am going to be a four year old preschool diva.

I will go through my entire drawer of my favorite pajama bottoms (flinging all of the unacceptables throughout the rest of my room). The chosen ones will of course be the ones that are a size too small with the hind-end more than a little worn out. I will put them on, most likely backwards and slightly twisted. Then, I will look for the shiniest shirt I own. The one that has the most sparkle and shimmer. It is a nearguaratee that this shirt will be a size too large or completely out of season with the weather. From there, I will add my most beloved (translation: tattered and sporting at least a small tear, fray or marker drawing on it)tu-tu.  Because really, is there ever an outfit complete without a tu-tu ? Top add to the entire “I am a diva and I am sure you won’t question it, but just in case you do” ensemble will be my feather boa. Hot pink. It sheds. A lot. Everywhere.

Before leaving to go Trick or Treating, I plan on throwing myself down and insisting on wearing those soooo beatiful high heal plastic shoes that shimmer in the light.  I MUST WEAR those.  Eventually, I will win and grab them out of the depths of my closet. 

I am almost ready.  Just before leaving, I will carefully place my very shiny, very sparkly tiara atop my head and grab my royal magic wand that makes really LOUD noises that are supposed to sound all royal and princess-ish.


I race to the door, slip on my shoes that I just have to wear and will proudly march about 5 feet before complaining that my feet hurt and discarding the ever essential shoes. It will only take about 10 minutes before I lose the boa. It does shed, you know. By the time I am 30 minutes into this, my wand will be gone and I am going to whine that I am tired and that this is just such hard work and why do we have to go so far and I am hungry can’t I eat all my candy now?

So what do you think?  Perfect costume, isn’t it. The best part: it is totally realistic and will cause every mom of a preschool diva daughter to shudder in recognition.

I am SO going to rule this costume thing this year.


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