Like Scrubs, only not as funny

Like Scrubs, only not as funny

[cue dramatic music]

Like sands through the hour glass…so are the Days of our Lives.  (Okay, Days fans, hum it with me.  Buh nuhh nuhh nuhh nuuuuuuhhhh nuhhhhhh…)

Oh wait.  My bad.  This is so much more General Hospital.  Yeah.  That’s it.  Anything hospital themed will work.  I wanted to go with Scrubs, but General Hospital is much more dramatic and crisis driven.  It just works.  (Even if I totally am crushing on Dr. Cox.  Not the actor.  The doctor and his acidic, razor sharp tongue that lashes people before they see it coming.  That means you too, Bambi.)

What the hell am I babble-assing about now?  Well, Mom is still in the same stable but critical condition.  Apparently, this just doesn’t sit well with Dad.  I mean, a man needs some attention now and then.  What better way to get it than to be checked into the hospital, too?  Yes, you did read that correctely.  Now my Dad is also in the hospital.  Apparently he went surfing on the Internet for something new that Mom has not had but that he can take full advantage of her specialists and came up with pancreatitis.  Gotta give him points for creativity.  He is in one hospital and Mom is in another down the street about 5 miles.

So, again I am on my way back to Houston.  Again.

Anyone in Houston want to meet for a stiff drink?  A scrumptious lunch?  I’ll settle for a long nap.  *grin*

I will update when I can and blog from there if I can.  If you don’t hear from me it is because I have not been able to get access to a computer.  Because, really, Internet, I love you bestest and will always come back to you.  Even you over there lurking in the corner.


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