The one where I update you

The one where I update you

I suppose I should be a good little blogger and update you all. No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Yes, I have been in Houston. No, I am not planning on becoming a once a weekblogger.  Yes, as a matter of fact they are real.  (What?  You didn’t ask that?  My bad!)

In no particular order because my brain spews out this crap randomly.

Of course, an update on my Mom is essential. I am relieved to tell you that she is actually doing much better! I am having a hard time emotionally comprehending the past month, but I am trying to maintain sanity. Basically, what happened is the lead doctor (as in not one of her specialists) is the one who called me and told me it was urgent that I get down there. When I got there, Mom was really is bad, bad shape. I mean, I packed funeral clothes, for crying out loud! Gradually she showed some progress. Well, in the week I was back home in Dallas, she decided she had enough of this sick crap and began to show a real leap towards healing. She is in no way healed or “healthy”, but she is has shown enough improvement her doctors decided to move her from the hospital ICU to a Long Term Acute Care center ICU. I have mixed feelings about that. She was moved to this place once before and it literally almost killed her when she got an infection. That is when she went into renal failure and was sent back to the ICU and nearly died. However, she wasn’t in theLTAC ICU at the time. (*sigh* See what my brain has to deal with!) Anyway, the nurses at the hospital became like family. Leaving them was HARD. When Mom was transferred, ALL of the nurses came out and hugged her and Dad and me. We were all crying. I felt safe there. Now, I have to break in a new team of nurses. So, that was why I was in Houston. Getting Mom settled in.

But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there. Apparently, Dad has been feeling left out a bit. So, as soon as I got there last week, he began complaining of severe abdominal pain. This from a man that I have seen sick only once in my entire life. Unless you count his 3 heart attacks. But I am not because that is not “sick” really. That is “oh-hell-this-sucks-bad” more than “sick”. Right? He was in bed for days in agony. We think it might be food poisoning. Dad finally got aprescription from my Mom’s stomach doctor. (Yes, I know he has a real profession title, but we have discussed that I don’t do medical terms.) He goes in Tuesday if he isn’t feeling better. He just HAS to be feeling better. Period. So I have been taking care of him, taking care of their pets, visiting the hospital and trying to entertain the kids who were “enjoying” Fall Break.

Which brings me to the question: Who the hell came up with a FALL Break and how do I contact this person? You can damn well bet that person doesn’t have kids. At least not any that live in the same country (s)he does.

I have been also trying to work on a project my son has for school. Anyone know a lot about KENYA, AFRICA that might want to share interesting facts with me? I MUST get an A on this project. I mean, it is all about my self-esteem, right?

Mainly, I am just trying to keep my sense of humor. It seems that I have two personalities right now: Asleep and A-Bitch. It just doesn’t go over super well with the family. Friends? They get a laugh out of it when it isn’t aimed at them. In fact, some of them are asking me to call bill collectors and old boyfriends just to give them all grief. So, it is good for something.

All in all, things have been busy. I have been feeling like I am a step behind the rest of the world. If I owe you and email, forgive me for not getting back to you yet. If you have commented and not heard from me (all of you), forgive me please. I am a bit overwhelmed. And if you are friend or family member, get off theInternet and let’s go out to lunch!


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